10 more days….

So there is a lot to update…not sure where it was that we left off since the last time we blogged. We pretty much booked the remaining of our accomodations in Marrakech, Essaouira, the first few days in Barcelona, and in Dublin.

Morocco: We will be staying within a stone’s throw of the famous Djemaa el Fna, the main market in Marrakech, but of course that means nothing because apparently it is SO easy to get lost in the souks and the streets are really confusing. I have a feeling we will be paying a young boy and his entrepreneurial friends a few dirhams to lead us through the maze of it all back to our hotel every night. But good news: Through some not-so-random people, we actually now have a real human connection in Marrakech. He’s the brother of one of David’s collegue’s clients (huh?) and is willing to help us figure out our itinerary, and get us on some freakin’ CAMELS! Additionally, we’ve rearranged our schedule to be able to meet with the Marrakech couchsurfers.

Spain: As far as the Spain leg of the tour was concerned, we made a pretty tough decision to NOT go down to Granada or anywhere in southern Spain. Although we really wanted to see the Alhambra, there was just too much travel involved (ha!) and we really wanted more time to explore Barcelona and the surrounding areas. Since we will be coming from Morocco, I think we will have gotten our fill of moorish architecture.

Dublin: We will only be in Dublin for a few days, and I think we are going to blow it out by staying in the Temple Bar area. And you better believe we are hitting the Guiness Factory!!