La Sagrada Familia, Barceloneta, y Montjuic

late breakfast, Sagrada Familia from 12-2pm, audio tour was excellent, place is totally amazing, I don’t know how else to say it, they have been working on it for 100 yrs and spend $1M per month on current construction, the lead architect says they will hold the first mass in it next summer, but the whole project may not be finished until 2030, we definitely want to some back when it’s done if not many times along the way, we took the train to Barceloneta, the main port, we wanted to have paella and went with Rough Guide’s suggestion, Can Manuel, very good, plus their house wine was under 10 euro/bottle, we walked from the port back up the bottom of Las Ramblas to see what we missed and to spend time at La Boqueria, we wandered through the stands, got some kiwi juice and some pre-portioned, vacuum-packed jamon, 10 euros, some jamon sells for 80 or more euros/kg, the market is fantastic, lots of fresh fruit, seafood, and meat vendors, got some gelato from the same place as before, hit the train back to our hotel, rested for short bit before heading to Montjuic, grabbed our climbing shoes in case we could find the bouldering tunnel, met Valerie, David, and Kean, took the escalators to the top of the hill and walked to the Olympic stadium and back down to the fountain in time for sunset and the music, took lots of pictures of the water, the Olles took off and Bev and I hiked around looking for the tunnel to no avail, train back to hotel, grabbed some dinner at the same block as the first night, but different place, salad sampler (good) and platos combinados (french fries and fried eggs standard, plus some sausage and fried calamare), each with beer, done

Sagrada Familia

$1M per month on current construction

Drawings of the finished cathedral

The hanging model is based on the theory of the “reversion of the catenary.” A chain suspended from two points will hang spontaneously in the shape of a so-called “catenary”. Only tension forces can exist in the chain. The form of the catenary upside down gives a perfect shape for an arch of stone masonry, and in such an arch only reversed forces of tension, being compression, will occur.”

Can Manuel in Barceloneta

Back at La Boqueria

David and Kean at Montjuic

Fountains set to music

Gaudi day at La Pedrera & Parc Guell

woke up at 10, ate, left place at noon, Barcelona time rocks!, headed to La Pedrera, one of Gaudi’s apartment buildings commissioned by a couple who planned to live in one and rent the rest, place is amazing, spent two hours doing the audio tour of the attic, roof, and one apartment, headed down Passeig de Gracia for some lunch, got some tapas & beer at a restaurant, fried cod balls, fish satay things, walked down Las Ramblas, H&M clothes, great gelato, ducked into La Boqueria, headed back feet were fried, had to meet Valerie and David at Parc Guell (pronounced “way”), grabbed our climbing shoes just in case, took train to stop, then walked to park, like hiking San Francisco hills, met them and walked all over, cool place, shame they never really finished it, but definitely popular place with the locals and a good view of town, couldn’t find the bouldering wall, caught a bus to David’s neighborhood to eat at L’Esquinica, got their at 8:45 and had to wait a bit, the place is so good people actually wait, ordered up some beers and claras and David picked out 5 favorites, Kean was getting tired, luckily David’s folks were nearby so they picked him up, we got another round of drinks and 3 more things to eat, stuffed, got the bill, planned to possibly do Montjuic the next night, back home, spent

La Pedrera

Casa Batlló

Best gelato ever on Las Ramblas

Jamón at La Boqueria

Colonnaded footpath under the roadway viaduct, Parc Guell

Gaudi’s mosaics on the ceiling

Gaudí’s mosaic work on the main terrace

David, Valerie, and Kean 🙂

Old vespas everywhere!

Estrellas, Calas, and Tapas at L’Esquinica

Papas Fritas