Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer

Ever since David and I ate at the Raw Food Bar at Whole Foods Market, I’ve been obsessed with slicing veggies into spaghetti-like spirals. I’ll spiralize anything I can get my hands on!! I made beet “pasta” with stir-fry vegetables and they were so fun. I’ve also made a Japanese cucumber and seaweed salad as well as sweet potato shoestrings. Recipes to come 🙂

I might be returning the spiral slicer for a more industrial one soon if I keep this up!


David’s good friend Ken is an acupuncturist at Georgetown Acupuncture and Herbs. He is leading us and a few others through a 21-day purification program, which basically includes eating whole, organic, and unprocessed foods, and taking whole food supplements. David and I are on day 11, and we’re both feeling pretty good. We’re eating a TON of veggies and avoiding alcohol, caffeine,  sugar, dairy, gluten, and soy, which is somewhat difficult because they are in everything.  The most interesting part about this whole program is that it forces you to be creative with what you eat. Here are few of the things we’ve made in the past week:

Brown rice kim bab

Bean salad, pressed red cabbage salad, brown rice, snap peas