Vintage Chromecraft

So, David and I were so very lucky to inherit an AWESOME vintage Chromecraft dining set  from his mom and dad. (Thanks mom and dad!) They took it apart and shipped it to us in three big boxes. It took a couple of hours to get it all set up, but man, it’s pretty cool! It comes with a leaf and two extra chairs (which we are using in the office). After so many months of trying to find the perfect dining room table, we ended up with the dining table that David grew up with. He told me how when he was young, he and Kenny would spin each other around on the chairs (heart attack!!) So we are looking forward to THAT in the future…hee hee.

Crappy iPhone pic (soon to be replaced with a better photo):

Anyway, as cool as the table and chairs are, we are in the middle of looking for a dining light fixture that is just as cool. We’ve sort of narrowed it down to these very classic designs:

Nelson saucer lamp (most likely the flattened UFO looking one):

or a classic sputnik style lamp (which would match the wheels on the chairs!):

What do you think?