Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer

Ever since David and I ate at the Raw Food Bar at Whole Foods Market, I’ve been obsessed with slicing veggies into spaghetti-like spirals. I’ll spiralize anything I can get my hands on!! I made beet “pasta” with stir-fry vegetables and they were so fun. I’ve also made a Japanese cucumber and seaweed salad as well as sweet potato shoestrings. Recipes to come 🙂

I might be returning the spiral slicer for a more industrial one soon if I keep this up!


David’s good friend Ken is an acupuncturist at Georgetown Acupuncture and Herbs. He is leading us and a few others through a 21-day purification program, which basically includes eating whole, organic, and unprocessed foods, and taking whole food supplements. David and I are on day 11, and we’re both feeling pretty good. We’re eating a TON of veggies and avoiding alcohol, caffeine,  sugar, dairy, gluten, and soy, which is somewhat difficult because they are in everything.  The most interesting part about this whole program is that it forces you to be creative with what you eat. Here are few of the things we’ve made in the past week:

Brown rice kim bab

Bean salad, pressed red cabbage salad, brown rice, snap peas

Damon and Jeanie’s Baby Shower

One year ago to the day, Damon and Jeanie got married on a beautiful beach in Puerto Vallarta. Now they are celebrating the upcoming birth of their baby boy! I was feeling a bit creative, and after having made a sushi diaper cake for my sister-in-law Minnette, I went crazy and made a drum set diaper cake for Damon and Jeanie. (Damon plays drums and percussion). Check it out!

Hueco Tanks

David and I, along with 28 other climbers, went to Hueco Tanks State Park for a long weekend to go rock climbing. It was so fun! For those of you who have not been to Hueco Tanks, it is a huge formation of rocks 32 miles outside of El Paso. It is considered by many Native Americans to be a spiritual place, with hundreds of pictographs painted on rocks throughout the park. It just so happens that Hueco Tanks is one of the best bouldering areas in the U.S., some say, the world. With a little over 20 hours of driving for just a 4-day trip, we made the most of it. We climbed on some beautiful rock, spent evenings by the fire chatting with new and old friends, and breathing in the crisp desert air. Road trips like these reset my soul, and continually make me appreciate the natural world around us.

Click here to see all the photos.

Four year anniversary!

I can’t believe David and I have been married for FOUR years! Time goes by so fast. We celebrated by going to Wink, an amazing restaurant we’ve been talking about go to for years. They pride themselves on utilizing local produce and only the freshest ingredients in their ever-changing daily menu. We made the last reservation for the evening, and we completely closed the place out! We had the 7-course tasting menu and it took us nearly two hours to get through it all! Highlights were the crisp duck breast on orange glazed cippolinis with romano beans and rapini, and tart lemon curd in a crisp meringue cup with candied lemon zest and berries for dessert. YUM. We also got a signed menu from the chef 🙂

Ian Kim’s First Birthday

David and I went up to Dallas to visit the Kim Family for Ian’s luau-themed first birthday. In Korean culture, a baby’s first birthday (called Tol) is an important milestone and includes praying and giving thanks, wearing traditional birthday clothes, sharing food, and preparing a birthday table with fruits and gifts, as well as performing the Toljabee, in which the baby is placed in front of different objects that predict his future. The first object the child grabs is considered most important! (money=wealth, stethoscope=doctor, microphone=entertainer, string=long life) Ian went straight for the Benjamins! LOL. It was a lot of fun and it was great spending time with good friends.

The most amazing cupcakes EVER. Society Bakery.

The most amazing cupcakes EVER. Society Bakery.

David is a cupcake monster. Somehow this is not surprising.

David is a cupcake monster. Somehow this is not surprising.

Travel Prints Sale!

It’s been just over one month since we returned back to the US from our trip around the world. Getting back into the swing of things was not easy, especially in consecutive days of over one hundred degree weather. We have been able to catch up with many of our friends and coworkers. In the process, we have fielded many questions about our favorite places, foods, and experiences. And finally within that time, we edited and posted our best or favorite images.

To say that a picture holds a thousand words may either be an exaggeration or a huge understatement, but we’ve done our best to capture the moments. And while sometimes a photograph is merely a marker of a mundane event, place, person, or thing, we tried mostly to use photography, not only as snapshots, but also as art. Sure, our shots may have detailed stories behind them that the casual viewer many never hear. Therein, lies the beauty, the mystery of travel and the photograph. May it motivate one to meditate on it, to imagine, to create the story behind it, or to dream of being there.

With that in mind, several of our friends have asked what they could do to buy a print of any our travel photos. As a means of support for our experience or as the much needed print to fill that whole on your wall, we appreciate the opportunity to travel and the potential to share it with you. To view our Print gallery, visit here. If you find an image you want to purchase, click the “Buy” button above the image and follow the Shopping Cart dialogs. Beverly will artistically process, matte, and sign all prints before delivering them to you. Larger prints will be on backer board with no matte.

If you’re interested in viewing all of our travel photos, please visit visit here.

Thanks for your support!

Couchsurfers from Belgium

One organization that added another dimension to our travels was an organization called It’s a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. We have met several people along the way who have shown us amazing hospitality and who have given us local insights on food, politics, and culture.

When we returned from our trip, we thought it was our turn and decided to pay it forward by hosting Couchsurfers from Belgium. Nicolas and Wendy, along with their American friend Josh, were taking a classic American road trip from Atlanta to San Fransisco!! They stopped through Austin and got a little taste of Texas, and even left with cowboy hats and boots. 😉

We were joined by a a few friends :)