20 weeks – and the winner is….


I absolutely love surprises. We had our 20 week appt today (it has actually been 21 weeks) and I must say, it was pretty exciting. David and I have been thinking it would be fun to wait to find out the sex of the baby. Then we thought it would be cool for the ultrasound technician to put the answer in a sealed envelope so we could open it if we couldn’t take the suspense any longer. So, Jenny made us these fun “BOY” and “GIRL” cards for the tech to put in an envelope along with a photo for “proof”.

Let me tell you, there are very few REAL surprises in one’s life, and I think we should appreciate the opportunity when it arises. So, feeling like I am the stronger one when it comes to not spoiling surprises (sorry, David, you know it’s true) I hid the envelope somewhere in our house! Muahahaha…

So, not to leave you high and dry, here is a music video I made (cuz Baby likes to dance!) and a few 3D pics from the appointment. Two eyes. Two ears. Four limbs. All love, baby!

Pass the mike

That is a REAL baby in there! CRAZY.

Will Baby have a Schulze or Demafiles nose? Only time will tell.

Happy birthday David!! David’s birthday week recap to come…

Crawfish Boil

David and I decided to have a crawfish boil. Ok, well, I really wanted to eat crawfish and basically made an excuse to have a spontaneous get together. It was so much fun running around getting everything together, frantically cleaning, and making decorations. We couldn’t ask for better weather and I found my favorite new place in town to get live mudbugs. Austin Seafood Products is the bomb diggity! It was also Damon’s birthday. Happy birthday Damon!

Click here for non-flash gallery

13 weeks, 18 weeks, and spring!

So, technically it’s already been over a MONTH since my last post on Cleatus the fetus, which just goes to show how fast this whole baby thing is progressing. Here’s what’s been going on since you saw us last:

Baby bump at 13 weeks

Ok, I’m going to put a cute round onion pic at 17 weeks because the 18 week one is a gross hairy sweet potato that looks really obscene.

17 weeks, 5 days, new bangs!

So, I’ve been able to feel baby kick and squirm believe it or not. Its started with a little gurgling and fluttering (like gas!) lol, but then there would be times I would feel some definite poking going on around in there. Pretty trippy, if you ask me. Nausea is subsiding, but migraines and heartburn are in full effect. YEAH!

We are just starting to work on the nursery, so there will be a post on that soon. David is super excited and is in serious nesting mode (or should I say scraping, retexturing, painting mode) In the meantime, enjoy more spring redbud pics! I LOVE AUSTIN IN THE SPRING.

Urban assaulting SXSW, Bill Murray, and Triple Cobra

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

SXSW has once again descended upon Austin and the town is crazy with excitement. I was able to hit the town once during the mayhem. I biked around town with a climbing friend Erik and met up with a few others for a nice evening of people-watching, eating, and yeah…maybe a little music.

We spotted BILL MURRAY on W. 6th St heading into the joint we just walked out of (the music was awful except for the one Tribe Called Quest song and reminded me of why I don’t go to bars anymore). He looked like, well, Bill Murray! It was awesome.

Anyway, here are a few pics from Triple Cobra, who we were able to catch over at Joe’s Bar and Grill.

Welcome to Babyland!

David and I are happy to announce that we are expecting our first baby August 26! Our lives as David and I know it, are going to change forever. I’m just plain speechless. How can anyone sum up this feeling in just a few words? We are excited, hopeful, curious, nervous, happy, and awestruck all in one breath. Out of so many things in life one can experience, this may be the ultimate adventure. We are taking it one day at a time, but it’s going to be one crazy ride!

Peanut at 8 weeks – Can you believe we already heard a heartbeat??

Peanut at 8 weeks

Chillaxin’ at 11 weeks

Check out those legs!


Happy Valentines

Nothing much to report, just a few new pics of Kona. She’s growing like a weed, and she’s all legs and paws….

Getting high off David’s stinky shoes 🙂

We had lovely Valentines dinner complete with my infamous chocolate covered strawberries over at the Remingtons. Kona got to show off her new pouncing skills with Reid and Sadie Belle.

Grrrr…watch out! I’m a big girl now…

Vintage Chromecraft

So, David and I were so very lucky to inherit an AWESOME vintage Chromecraft dining set  from his mom and dad. (Thanks mom and dad!) They took it apart and shipped it to us in three big boxes. It took a couple of hours to get it all set up, but man, it’s pretty cool! It comes with a leaf and two extra chairs (which we are using in the office). After so many months of trying to find the perfect dining room table, we ended up with the dining table that David grew up with. He told me how when he was young, he and Kenny would spin each other around on the chairs (heart attack!!) So we are looking forward to THAT in the future…hee hee.

Crappy iPhone pic (soon to be replaced with a better photo):

Anyway, as cool as the table and chairs are, we are in the middle of looking for a dining light fixture that is just as cool. We’ve sort of narrowed it down to these very classic designs:

Nelson saucer lamp (most likely the flattened UFO looking one):

or a classic sputnik style lamp (which would match the wheels on the chairs!):

What do you think?

Meet Kona!

We are so very happy to introduce the newest member of the Schulze clan. Meet Kona! Our 9-week-old Staffie (American Staffordshire Terrier). We waited a year after our beloved Jasmine Dogg passed away to get a new furry friend, and we decided this month to take the plunge to adopt Kona. We got Kona from Austin Pets Alive! a local rescue group who gets many of its dogs and cats from the Town Lake Animal Shelter. Most of the animals are days away from being euthanized when APA steps in. They believe that EVERY animal deserves a long life in a caring home.

We are so excited about having her grow up with us!

Aren’t I a doll? Seriously. Don’t I look like a stuffed animal?

So sleeeeeeeepy

With her new mama and papa

Snuggling with Lola

One of my favorites (so far!)

Southeast Road Trip, Part 2: Birmingham and Memphis

So, not only did we get to do a little bit of climbing, we also visited our good friends Kenny and Yoon, and their two beautiful children Aria and Ian. It was so great spending time with them in their home.


Yum! Korean food.

David makes sure the cupcake batter tastes juuuuuust right….

Aria did an amazing job of filling the cups!

Ian patiently watches them bake

Mmm sugar before bedtime. The best!

Happy 32, woman!

Pillsbury Funfetti can do no wrong.

Still and always will be…a kid.


Memphis BBQ at the famous Rendezvous!


Drive by tourists

Stax Museum in the heart of Soulsville, USA

New Years sampler at Boscos