13 weeks, 18 weeks, and spring!

So, technically it’s already been over a MONTH since my last post on Cleatus the fetus, which just goes to show how fast this whole baby thing is progressing. Here’s what’s been going on since you saw us last:

Baby bump at 13 weeks

Ok, I’m going to put a cute round onion pic at 17 weeks because the 18 week one is a gross hairy sweet potato that looks really obscene.

17 weeks, 5 days, new bangs!

So, I’ve been able to feel baby kick and squirm believe it or not. Its started with a little gurgling and fluttering (like gas!) lol, but then there would be times I would feel some definite poking going on around in there. Pretty trippy, if you ask me. Nausea is subsiding, but migraines and heartburn are in full effect. YEAH!

We are just starting to work on the nursery, so there will be a post on that soon. David is super excited and is in serious nesting mode (or should I say scraping, retexturing, painting mode) In the meantime, enjoy more spring redbud pics! I LOVE AUSTIN IN THE SPRING.

4 thoughts on “13 weeks, 18 weeks, and spring!

  1. Hey Bev! I love the bangs! The illustrations are pretty nifty 😀 Oh, and please don’t name your baby Cleatus lol 🙂

  2. your bump is the cutest!!!! ps, i see that tree everywhere and i want it. what is it?

  3. Monique – thanks! Baby will NOT be named Cleatus, I assure you 🙂

    Minnette – the tree is a redbud. You should get a couple! They are awesome and so pretty in the spring.

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